7 Reasons For A Small Business Website Redesign

Even the most aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly small business websites eventually need a facelift. At Bandicoot, we recommend a small business website redesign every 30 months max (approximately 2.5 years). At face value, this may seem quick. But unlike certain industries that seem to never change, or change very little through the years (think plumbing, […]

The Top 10 Web Design Trends In 2023

Web design is an ever-changing field. As a small business, staying up with the trends for how your small business website should look, feel and operate can help you stay relevant and increase your conversion rates on your website. This, in turn, helps you continually convert your website visitors into fresh new customers for your […]

10 Small Business Website Checklist Wins

small business website checklist

In a post-COVID era, small business websites are more important than ever. You might be wondering if you’r ready for a small business website redesign. If you are keeping your site, have you ever wondered if you could be doing the little things better with your small business website that could make a huge impact […]