Mill management made easy

The Morningstar Fiber team came to bandicoot in search of a full SaaS application to help mill owners better manage their mills.

UI/UX Design

The Bandicoot team was fully responsible for the complete user interface and experience for the Master Crafted app!

Software Development

Bandicoot engineers planned out an execution plan for every single line of code for the Master Crafted application.

Hosting & Server Infrastructure

The Bandicoot team worked with the Morningstar team to put a plan together for executing on server infrastructure and application hosting that was scalable as the application grew.

Care and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is an often overlooked aspect of any web development project. The Bandicoot team delivered.

Timeline to Launch for Custom SaaS Dev & Design

6-12 Months

Quote from the Morningstar Team:

"Highly recommend this team to help build your dream software!"

 Don’t take our word for it, cuz

You can't make this stuff up.