A better way to register, schedule and bill clients.

A full Software-As-A-Service platform built for the modern dance, music or gymnastics studio owner.

Software Platform

The Bandicoot team created a ground-up software platform for Studiobridge including technical architecture, UI/UX, and every line of code.

Marketing Website

The Bandicoot team also developed a beautiful front end marketing website to support the software.

Third Party Integrations

As a part of the build process, the Bandicoot team worked with StudioBridge to fully integrate several tools into the platform to support the business operations.

Ongoing Development

The bandicoot team is pleased to host and oversee ongoing development for the StudioBridge platform!

Timeline to Launch for SaaS Development

6-12 Months, Depending on Complexity

Quote from Co-Founder, Chris Brink

"StudioBridge has revolutionized the way we manage our studio - streamlining our business. It's the future of studio management."

 Don’t take our word for it, cuz

You can't make this stuff up.