A better way to order a better hoagie.

A new marketing website was just the beginning. We helped Knuckies Hoagies re-envision a better way to order a hoagie online.

Online Ordering

The Knuckies team approached Bandicoot with the desire to own their own customer experience with a custom mobile app for their customers, removing reliance on third party platforms.

Point of Sale

Along with the transition in online ordering came a complete new POS platform integrated by the Bandicoot team.

Loyalty Program

The final piece of the puzzle included custom development to build a new Knuckies Loyalty Points program from the ground up, and integrate with all other developed technologies.

Marketing Website

To support the platform, and to market to potential franchisees, the Bandicoot team built a fully custom marketing website for Knuckies, and now fully cares for and maintains the site ongoing.

Timeline to Launch for Custom Web Development

Anywhere from 60 Days to 12 Months depending on project complexity.

Quote from the Founder, Todd Broaderick:

"The bandicoot team has been fantastic to work with. Their integrity, professionalism, and knowledge is why I personally believe this is the company for any business needing internet solutions."

 Don’t take our word for it, cuz

You can't make this stuff up.